FDA Approves Life-Saving Drug for Horses

Horse Eating Grass

The FDA has approved the drug, Equidone Gel (domperidone) for the prevention of life-threatening fescue toxicosis. This disease can cause serious reproductive problems in horses.

Fescue is a type of grass that covers over 35 million acres of pastureland in the U. S. There is a fungus (neolyphodium coenophialum) that lives on the grass and produces toxins interfering with the homones involved in pregnancy and producing milk.

Results of ingesting these toxins are increased length of pregnancy, difficulty giving birth, mare and foal deaths, weak, stillborn or immature foals, absence of milk production, a number or placenta problems.

After safety and effectiveness were evaluated in laboratory and field studies, the product is ready for use.

Some side effects can be premature lactation and failure to pass immunoglobulins to the foal.

Equidone Gel is marketed by Dechra Veterinary Products of Overland Park, Kansas.

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