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Horse Meat Controversy in Canada

The Canadian TV show, “Top Chef Canada”, has aired an episode called “The French Feast” requiring chefs to create dishes using horse meat. We understand that in some cultures, eating horse meat is a delicacy. It can be found in many European restaurants and is sold in supermarkets in Quebec. Since the controversy over the […]

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HSUS News on Horse Slaughter

The HSUS reports that some member of the U.S. Congress have removed the protective language to a provision banning horse slaughter on U.S. soil. There is a political campaign to bring horse slaughter back to the U.S. after a 5 year ban. Just a reminder that while it was banned in the U.S., American horses […]

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Kentucky Derby Losers

Just to underscore our articles Horse Racing and Horse Racing Endings, 2 horses who ran in the 2011 Kentucky Derby have been severely injured. Archarcharch suffered a fractured left front leg and serious cartilage damage. Comma to the Top chipped his left ankle. Both horses finished the race further damaging their injuries. Fortunately both horses […]

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Endangered Horses

Some species of horses are in danger of extinction from our world. The Cleveland Bay breed originated in England, in the Cleveland area of Northern Yorkshire, and is the oldest English horse breed. Today there are only about 150 pure breeding mares worldwide. The greatest advantage of this breed is its versatility. It is very […]