Fish Fish Over 6 inches Indian Ocean Fish

Yellow Swallowtail Angelfish

Males up to 7 in., females smaller. Except for Wrasses and some Triggerfish which may be a problem, other fish will react well. Minimum size tank for a female is 93 gal., for a male, 120 gal., for a pair at least 132 gal.. Best kept singly or in a male/female pairing. Found widespread from […]

Fish Fish Over 6 inches Red Sea Fish

Asful (Arabian) Angelfish

Large males can be up to 18 in., females 12 in. Youngsters clean other fish to be ignored, adults will hide when introduced to avoid aggressive fish. Minimum tank size is 132 gal. Best kept singly unless the tank is large enough to accommodate a pair. Found in the Red Sea and East Africa. List […]

Fish Fish Over 6 inches Red Sea Fish

Semicircle Angelfish

The Semicircle Angelfish is also known as the Blue Angelfish and Koran Angelfish. It is found in the Red Sea, East Africa and the tropical Indo-Pacific. Adults and juveniles have very different appearances. Angelfish in general are not very hardy, but this fish is one of the hardiest of this fish family. Males are 15.7 […]

Fish Fish Over 6 inches

Bandit Angelfish

The Bandit Angelfish is a rare and distinctive fish, found in the Hawaiian and Johnston Islands. One of the smallest of this species, they grow to 7 in. Wrasses, some surgeons and tangs may show aggression while other species are usually peaceful. The minimum size tank is 90 gals. This fish is shy and requires […]

Fish Fish Over 6 inches

Passer (King) Angelfish

The Passer (King) Angelfish is a moderately difficult fish to keep. One of the interesting characteristics of this fish is that it looks totally different as a juvenile from its adult appearance. Another interesting fact is that in the wild this fish acts as a cleaner fish, eating external parasites, from hammerhead sharks. It is […]

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Catfish are a popular aquarium fish and are easy to care for. There are many different types of catfish. They are recognized by the barbels that look like whiskers on each side of the mouth, which is how they got the name “catfish.” They vary in size from less then an inch long to over […]

Fish Fish Over 6 inches

Goldflake Angelfish

The Goldflake Angelfish, also known as the Gold-spangled or Gold-spotted Angelfish, is an extremely beautiful fish. It has a colorful spot around its mouth and gold spots all over its body. Males are 10 in., females slightly smaller. It is found in the tropical Pacific Ocean. This fish is capable of taking care of itself; […]

Fish Fish Over 6 inches

Rock Beauty

Males are about 9.5 in. up to 14 in.; females are smaller. Other fish often ignore the rock beauty. Tank size is a minimum of 120 gal. Found in the tropical Western Atlantic, this fish is difficult to keep in captivity. Only very experienced aquarists should attempt it. The Rock Beauty must have sponges in […]