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Living with Dogs in Urban Areas

We love sharing our lives with dogs no matter where we live – bustling big cities or the peace and quiet of the country and anything inbetween. No matter where you live, there are challenges to be met. But living in densely populated cities has its own needs. There are so many distractions when walking […]

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Why Dog Urine Kills Grass

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making your lawn picture perfect. Along comes your dog (or the neighbor’s pup) and urinates on the grass, leaving a good-size yellow or brown spot. That hurts. Female dogs contribute more to the problem as they squat in one place. Males lift their leg and tend […]

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So You Think Your Dog is Dumb

First let’s dismiss that statement. We all know dogs are not dumb, they just think a bit differently than we do. While we know that dogs share many of our emotional feelings, how far does their understanding reach. We do know that dogs live in the moment primarily because they don’t have the same worries […]

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Male Dogs and Marking

Marking territory, that’s what male dogs do. But it’s not something you want your dog to do in the house or when the two of you are out walking and he pulls you towards every tree and bush and fire hydrant and anything else on the way. And you definitely don’t want your dog to […]

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Geocaching with Dogs

Geocaching is a word meaning geography (geo) and caching (hiding something). Geocaching consists of hiding a container at a specific spot and using GPS coordinates to locate it. Many participants in geocaching bring their dogs along to enjoy hunting the treasure and using the time for play and bonding. The caches are hidden in both […]

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Teach Your Dog to Swim

The hot days of summer are here and what better way to cool off than spending time at your favorite watering hole – the beach, a pool, the lake, on a boat. And of course you want to take your 4-legged pal along to join in the fun. But not all dogs know how to […]

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Trainers and Classes for Dogs

We all want our dogs to be well-behaved and not cause us embarrassment or worse. We can achieve this goal with proper training. When researching the right trainer for your dog, be sure to find one that uses positive training techniques. Positive reinforcement such as food, praise or play keep your dog attentive and anxious […]

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Train Your Small Pup

Those of us who have shared our lives with small dogs (25 lbs. or less) often make the mistake of not training them. We carry them in totes made especially for them and let them get away with behavior we would never accept from their larger cousins. But when it comes to obedience, all size […]