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Clicker Training

No matter where your dog is in the house or even in the garden, the sounds of preparing food in the kitchen will bring him running to you. With such keen hearing, dogs can easily be trained to respond immediately to the relatively mild sound of the clicker, a child’s toy. And with treats involved, […]

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Do Dogs Have Phobias

A phobia is an irrational, exaggerated fear of something. An instinct is a natural or inborn impulse or tendency. And yes, dogs do have phobias. Fearful behavior can be the result of a phobia. Dogs can be phobic about thunderstorms, any loud noises, cars, bathtime, the veterinarian. Phobias usually develop when a dog has had […]

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Israel Develops First Alzheimer’s Dog

An Israeli social worker, Daphna Golan-Shemesh and an Israeli professional dog trainer, Yariv Ben Yosef, pooled their knowledge, the result of which is a trained guide dog for early onset Alzheimer’s patients. While sharing their expertise in their chosen fields, they decided to combine forces along with Daphna’s nurturing nature and Yariv’s energy. Daphna was […]

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Adopting a Puppy Mill Pup

Adopting a puppy mill dog means rescuing a pup from a horrible existence. But be prepared for some challenges. These dogs have had no socialization. When they have been handled, infrequently by their keepers, it’s usually with rough treatment. They have spent their lives in small, wire cages with little or no time outdoors. They’ve […]

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Simple And Effective Dog Training Tips

Dog training offers dog owners an easy way to teach their dog obedience and good pet manners. Before you choose a dog training course and get started on the road to perfect pet obedience. If you are a dog owner, chances are that you have contemplated dog training for your dog or have in fact […]

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The words “low” or “moderate” referring to trainability are used to indicate dogs that may be willful or stubborn. It is not an indication of a dog’s intelligence, but rather its desire to follow instructions. Herding and retrieving breeds are more likely to be highly trainable because those jobs require the ability to follow human […]

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Search and Rescue Dogs

It seems as though disasters involving loss of human life are occurring more often lately. And search and rescue is one more area where our dogs shine. Although they may consider it some sort of game, it is a job. The reward for that job well done is a treat, lots of praise or a […]

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Schutzhund literally means protection dog. It was originally designed as a breed test for German Shepherds as a sport and to evaluate their working ability. The first Schutzhund trial was held in Germany in 1901. There are 3 phases to Schutzhund – obedience, tracking and protection. A dog must pass all 3 phases to earn […]