The words “low” or “moderate” referring to trainability are used to indicate dogs that may be willful or stubborn. It is not an indication of a dog’s intelligence, but rather its desire to follow instructions. Herding and retrieving breeds are more likely to be highly trainable because those jobs require the ability to follow human cues.

All dogs are trainable. Here is a list of some of the more popular trainable dogs.

Besides breed, the personality of the individual dog is also important in determining trainability. Since dogs, just like people, have different personalities, some will learn faster than others. There are 3 important things to remember in training – patience, patience, patience. Never punish your dog, use a firm but kind hand in teaching your dog.

Although some people believe that an adult dog is harder to train than a puppy, this is not always true. Since adult dogs have a longer attention span and are more stable, they can sometimes be easier to train.

The key to training a dog is to develop a bond with him or her. A dog that respects its owner will want to please him, and training a dog who loves you is easy.

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