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Dogs and Cold, Wet Noses

There is a legend that tells of dogs on Noah’s Ark who discovered a hole in the hull of the Ark. In order to save the Ark from sinking, one of the dogs stuck his nose in the hole and prevented the ship from flooding. Another dog alerted Noah to the problem who quickly repaired […]

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Home Cooking For Your Pet

Your dog’s and cat’s diet needs to include certain nutrients for growth and on through adulthood and aging. There are many high quality pre-packaged pet foods that provide these nutrients and also cater to special needs. However, many of us want to feed homecooked diets. And many of us have pets with special needs and […]

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Anatomy of a Dog

Muzzle Stop Skull Neck Withers Shoulder Back Loin Croup Tail Thigh Hock Knee Rib Cage Elbow Front Pastern Upper arm Front Chest

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Natural Arthritis Remedies Help Elizabeth Put Her Best Paw Forward

Everyone loves a cute, active, adorable little puppy…which means they spend very little time in shelters. But that’s not quite the case with older dogs. A senior dog can spend an extended period of time calling a shelter home because they are often overlooked by adoptive families. But there are some big benefits to adopting […]

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Caring for your pregnant dog

Pregnancy in dogs usually lasts 63 days, about 9 weeks. You can determine the due date counting from the date of mating. There isn’t much change in the female dog for at least 4 weeks. You should consult your vet 3-4 weeks after mating. :Your vet can diagnose the pregnancy at this time, about 24-32 days. […]