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Training Your Kitty to the Carrier

There are a number of reasons why your kitten and cat should be trained to travel in a carrier, safety, trips to the vet, vacations among them. Here are some tips to help with the training.

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Walk Your Cat

Some of us have cats that long for the great outdoors. But there are dangers out there for our kitties. One solution is to walk your cat, much as you would a dog. Here’s how. First be sure your cat is current on all vaccinations before going outdoors – you don’t want to pick up […]

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Train Your Cat to Come When Called

Training your cat to come when you call may be easier than you think. Cats can be motivated by food they love just as dogs are. When you open a can of cat food or rattle a bag of treats, does your cat come running? You can use this action in training. Cats have an […]

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Saving Your Cat in Case of Fire

Being prepared, having all the necessary tools and information is key to successfully saving your cat(s) in a disaster. Always have easy access to the cat carrier. If possible leave it where your cat has easy entry to it. In order to encourage your cat to go into the carrier, place a favorite treat, toy […]

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How to Toilet Train Your Cat

Would you like to train your cat to use the toilet instead of a litter box? It’s doable and your cat may be one who can learn. However, you need lots of patience as training can take several weeks. Having an extra toilet is a big help as you can designate that one as the […]

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Crating Cats

The crate is a general term for carriers, kennels or crates. Crates come in different materials and sizes. They can be made of plastic, fiberglass or wire. Some smaller carriers are also made of cloth. The Cat Playpen and 2 and 3 tiered crates are large, tall and airy. There are 2 or 3 platforms […]

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Can Cats Be Clicker Trained?

In a word, YES! Your cat probably responds to your signals now. Hearing the sound made when you pour kibble into the food bowl or the opening of a can usually makes kitty come running. Clicker training can work to help cats to respond to many commands. Begin by withholding treats. Then offer one treat […]

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Aggression in Cats

There are different reasons for some cats to show aggression. Aggression can be due to a medical problem, fear, territorial, play, petting or pain induced, predatory or maternal. It’s important to determine in what circumstances your cat shows aggression along with the type. First, take your cat to your vet for a thorough physical examination […]

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Cats as Mousers

You’ll often see photos of cats with pet birds sitting nearby or pet mice cuddling up to them. Obviously these cats have never learned the art of hunting or are just very mellow. Some cats seem to be natural hunters. But others must be taught. Barn cats are generally good hunters. Most of the time […]