Train Your Cat to Come When Called


Training your cat to come when you call may be easier than you think. Cats can be motivated by food they love just as dogs are.

When you open a can of cat food or rattle a bag of treats, does your cat come running? You can use this action in training. Cats have an extremely strong sense of smell and if you are cutting a favorite food into pieces, your cat will surely come out of hiding and head straight for you and the tasty tidbits.

Whichever method you choose – opening the can, rattling the bag, cutting a favorite food – call your cat’s name and give the come command in a positive voice. When s/he obeys, feed the treat and add lots of petting and praise. Do this exercise several times a day (watch the calories). It’s best to train when your cat is hungry as it will add another incentive to come.

When your cat understands that s/he will be rewarded for responding, move to different areas of your home and call. This will encourage your cat to come whenever you use his/her name and come command. Always use the same word and be consistent. Remember, some cats will learn quickly while others may take more time.

Coming when called is a useful and very important lesson. In an emergency you want your cat to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Never, never punish your cat, especially when calling him/her. If you are going on a trip to the veterinarian, giving medication or doing anything your cat will consider a negative, don’t call, just go find him/her. You want your cat to associate the come command with only positive experiences.

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