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It Is Possible To Give Your Cat A Bath, And Come Away Scratch Free

Although your cat doesn’t realize it right now, after some tender loving care and a little shampoo, he will appreciate it. Cats hate water, that much is easy to see as he lashes out at you with his claws when he gets anywhere near it. Why would someone want to bathe their cat, then? Although […]

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Choosing the Right Cat Food

Cats are obligate (strict) carnivores, that is they are meat eaters with low carbohydrate needs. Cats can also be very fussy eaters – what pleases one will make the other turn up his/her nose. The cat’s stomach and intestines are smaller than dogs and most other animals which is why they need high protein diets. […]

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Pet Care Costs for Dogs and Cats

The initial cost of a cat or dog depends on whether your choice is a purebreed or a mixed breed. Purebred cats or dogs can be much more expensive than getting a pet from a rescue organization. Adoption fees are much lower and often purebreds are available in shelters and rescue groups. Costs of care […]

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Easy Safe Tick Removal for Pets and Humans

A friend on a yahoo group I belong to (Canine Cancer Prevention) shared this with us. A nurse discovered this safe, easy way to remove ticks. It works in places where it’s difficult to get to with tweezers. It also works well on dark fur or dark hair. Instructions: Apply a few drops of liquid […]

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Ten Tips for Nine Lives

Ten Tips for Nine Lives by Arnold Plotnick MS, DVM, ACVIM, ABVP “I have another litter that needs placement”. I’ve heard this sentence many times in the past few years. The speaker of the sentence is Theresa Bachu, a local animal rescuer with a mission: to spay and neuter as many feral cats in […]

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How Much and How Often to Feed Cats and Dogs

Feeding schedules for pets depends on their age. Cats and dogs at 2-3 months should be fed 4 times a day; 3-6 months, 3 times a day; 6-12 months, twice a day. Adult dogs and cats do best with twice daily feedings. Leave the food bowl down no more than 30 minutes. Your pet should […]

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Introducing a Dog to a home with a Cat

Introducing puppies to your cat is easier than with a grown dog, but it can be done. Cats are very territorial while dogs want to be wherever you are. It’s a good idea to bring home a dog that has had obedience training and socialization. Puppies should attend obedience classes. You can begin the process […]

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Caring for an Older Cat

Perhaps we can take a lesson from older cats. They are quieter, love attention and are great companions. They take the time to “smell the roses” and leave their younger counterparts to their antics. When you notice these signs of aging in your cat, it’s probably time for a visit to your vet. Your vet […]

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How to Introduce a Cat to Your Dog at Home

In spite of old wives tales, cats and dogs do get along together. Some even become good friends. Be prepared though, for teaching them to live together peacefully can take time. There are times however when it’s just not possible for them to co-exist. That’s the case with my dogs, so they must always be […]

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Declawing your Cat

If you are thinking of declawing your cat, please take a moment to read this. Declawing your cat is not a simple procedure, it is major surgery. Declawing removes the last joint of the cat’s paw as well as the claw itself. Believe it or not, declawing is common only in the United States and […]