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Getting a Second Opinion

When our pet is diagnosed with an illness or disease, one in which the prognosis is poor, we are willing to do anything that will help. Seeking a second opinion from a specialist or another veterinarian often offers options for a better prognosis. Whether you’ve moved or changed vets for some other reason, you may […]

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Controlling Pet Shedding

When you have a pet, accepting a certain amount of his/her hair around the house is inevitable – on your clothing, furniture, bedding and even some of those hairs that find their way into your food. But there are things you can do to minimize shedding and control loose hair around the house. Regular grooming […]

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Furless Fur Pets

Those odd-looking creatures without fur are really cats and dogs. They have all the usual parts and characteristics of their species but are without hair. How did they get that way? Hairlessness in cats and dogs is actually a genetic defect. At some point in time, breeders took advantage of this defect and created hairless […]

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Cats and Brain Freeze

The Internet has been inundated with videos of cats being given cold treats that will give them what is known as brain freeze. Sorry for all of you who take offense at what I’m about to say, but I view this as animal abuse. A cat’s nervous system is very similar to a human’s. Therefore […]

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Tough Love for Puppy or Kitten

Some dogs and cats are cuddlers while others like their space – just like people. But whether your pet likes cuddling or not, it’s important to teach him/her to accept touching. Pets, just like children go through life stages. At about 3 months old, they may exhibit an independent time and may not respond to […]

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Living With a Deaf Cat

Living and caring for a deaf cat can be more of a challenge, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. It just requires a little extra time. Deafness can occur as a result of trauma or it can come on slowly with aging. Some cats are born deaf, never hearing any sound. Deafness […]

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Should you let your Cat eat grass?

Can cats eat grass? Yes, it’s okay! First, let’s examine why cats like to nibble on grass. No one knows for sure, but it could be that grass-eating helps with the elimination of fur balls. It might also help maintain a healthy digestive system. In the wild, cats eat herbivores so it could be that […]

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Caring for Your Pet’s Paws

Your cat’s and dog’s paws should be checked regularly, daily if they spend lots of time outdoors. If your pet limps, that’s a sure sign that something is wrong. Burrs or other foreign bodies can get stuck between toes. Sometimes they are so deeply embedded they are hard to see. These can be gently removed […]

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Leaving Your Cat Alone on Weekends

We all know that cats appear to be almost self-sufficient. Leave them enough food, a couple of bowls of water and clean litter boxes and we’re off for a couple of days of fun and travel. Before you take off for parts unknown, please read further. Are they really safe left alone at home for […]