Leaving Your Cat Alone on Weekends

We all know that cats appear to be almost self-sufficient. Leave them enough food, a couple of bowls of water and clean litter boxes and we’re off for a couple of days of fun and travel. Before you take off for parts unknown, please read further. Are they really safe left alone at home for even a couple of days?

Anyone who shares their home with cats is aware of how curious they are. and while they are very agile, cats can get themselves into dangerous situations from which they cannot escape without help.

There are unforseen circumstances which can delay your return – bad weather conditions at home or at the place you’re traveling through, car breakdowns, flight changes or delays.

Cats probably do a lot of cat-napping when you’re out, but they have enough awake time to get in trouble. Your cat may be lonesome and apt to get into more mischief looking for you.

Cats are high jumpers and in spite of having a reputation of being sure-footed, they can knock things over or fall and injure themselves. Some cats find electrical wires fun to chew on and besides shocking themselves, start a fire in the house. Cats can be adept at opening cabinets and finding inappropriate and dangerous things to eat. Water bowls can tip over, leaving your cat with nothing to drink. Power surges can occur and appliances malfunction and posing a danger. If your cat suddenly becomes ill or is injured, s/he may need veterinary care asap.

Of course many of these things can occur while you are out during the day, but you are usually not that far from home. And your cat is probably used to your routine and will nap till you come home.

We think it’s probably best to be on the safe side and not leave your cat totally alone when you are away for more than a day. Leave your key with a friend, a neighbor or a relative who is able to look in on your cat from time to time and make sure all is well with your cat and your home. Or find a professional cat sitter who can stay with your cat or visit at least a couple of times a day. Be sure that whomever your choose is trustworthy and cares about your cat.

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