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ASPCA – Dogs in Pickup Trucks

Driving on highways or city streets, you’ve probably observed unrestrained dogs in the back of pickup trucks. Did you know that a number of states have banned this practice? Some states have banned transporting loose dogs and children from riding in the back of low-sided pickup trucks. Even with the best trained and obedient animals, […]

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ASPCA’s Operation Pit

The ASPCA‘s spay/neuter initiative named “Operation Pit” has been a resounding success serving almost 600 dogs in its first year. Dr. Louise Murray, ASPCA Vice President of the Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital in New York City, tells us that pit bulls, who have larger litters than most dogs, were not often being brought to the […]

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ASPCA – Justice is Served

Five more defendants were convicted of animal cruelty 2 years after a massive dog fighting raid which the ASPCA aided and took part in. The defendants were sentenced to jail time. The raid in July of 2009 covered 8 states – Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska and Mississippi. Rescued from a horrible fate […]