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Teaching Respect for Animals

Education is crucial for teaching children respect for pets, wildlife and the environment. Teachers can teach lessons about subjects such as animal welfare, conservation and responsible pet ownership. Interactive activities, videos and stories can be powerful tools to get the message across. Teachers can also teach respect for animals indirectly, by including images and facts […]

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Classroom Dissection

Every year, millions of animals are dissected in elementary, secondary, and college science classes. This constitutes not only animal lives lost but abuse and environmental havoc. Animals earmarked for dissection are gassed and injected with formaldehyde. Sometimes they are still alive while being injected. Formaldehyde and other carcinogenic materials are used to preserve the dead […]

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Teaching Toddlers About Pets

Your toddler is reaching the age of exploration and takes new interest in your pet. Children are never too young to learn how to treat pets, especially at this stage. The most important thing to remember is never leave you toddler unattended with your pet. You must be there to supervise playtime and any time. […]

Education News

Pets in the Classroom Grant Program Now Available to 7th and 8th Grade Teachers

Following the tremendous success of the Pets in the Classroom Grant Program to date and numerous requests from teachers of 7th & 8th grade classes to be eligible for funding, the Pet Care Trust Board has agreed to expand the program’s reach to those grades beginning in 2012. Established by the Pet Care Trust in […]

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Do You Want to Be a Veterinarian?

If you are an animal lover, you may want to consider a veterinary career. It can be an extremely satisfying career, helping animals and their humans to lead better lives. Admission to veterinary school can be very competitive due to the small number of vet schools. In the United States there are a total of […]


Pet Care Trust Names New President

The Pet Care Trust is pleased to announce that Brent Weinmann, President and CEO of Vitakraft Sunseed, Inc., has been appointed as President of the Pet Care Trust, a non-profit organization that promotes public understanding regarding the value of and right to enjoy companion animals, enhances knowledge about companion animals through research and education, and […]

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Overcoming Fear of Dogs in Children

Many children have a fear of dogs. While being wary around dogs make sense, children who are extremely frightened of dogs may have a hard time going to the park or visiting a friend who has a dog. Fear of dogs is sometimes triggered by an event, such as a dog jumping on a child […]

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Pets in the Classroom

Keeping pets in the classroom requires a commitment from you, the teacher. This article can apply to parents as well who are interested in bringing a pet into the home. You assume the role of responsible caretaker in your attitude and behavior towards the animal(s). You should be prepared to care for all the pet’s […]


Pets and Homeschooling

The flexibility of homeschooling allows you to nurture your child’s natural love of animals. You can integrate your family pets into your other studies, as well as devote time to learning and caring about them directly. Math – Word problems are an important part of any math curriculum. You and your child can create word […]

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Teaching about Pets: Resources for Teachers

Elementary school aged children are fascinated by pets. Teachers may want to teach about pets as part of a science class or use pets to teach other subjects, such as reading, art or literature. Below are some online resources for teachers: offers teachers and students activities relating to farm animals. Especially helpful to teachers […]