Cancer in Small Pets

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs, gerbils, hamsters, rats and mice can all develop cancer, particularly as they age. They are prone to all types of cancer, bone cancer, skin cancer, internal organ cancers. Spaying the female of the species acts as a preventive of some types of cancer.

Removal of tumors with surgery is well tolerated by these small creatures.

Hedgehogs lack cell immunity and are at high risk for cancer, particularly glandular, skin and reproductive organ cancers.

Chinchillas and sugar gliders rarely get cancer. Marsupials in general are much less prone to cancer than mammals.

Diagnosis can be difficult and these pets should be seen by a veterinarian experienced with small animals.

Unfortunately, with malignant tumors, the prognosis is poor.

Feed your little creatures a nutritional diet, fresh vegetables, some fruit and add appropriate vitamins. Strengthening the immune system helps keep cancer at bay.

Unfortunately, with most small animals, they behave as they did in the wild, hiding illnesses to protect themselves from predators. As soon as you notice any odd behavior or symtoms of illness, bring your pet to a veterinarian experienced with handling small creatures. Early treatment can greatly improve chances of success.

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