Can Dogs Sense Someone’s Bad Intentions

Dogs are geniuses when it comes to reading us and our intentions.

Without being aware, humans give many cues to dogs of what we’re about to do or say. The tone of voice, facial expressions, body movements, even smell, all are indicators to dogs of what our intentions are and what we are feeling.

Of course not all dogs are attentive to our cues. Some of us have dogs that would welcome a burglar and show him the way to the family treasures.

Herding and guard breeds often are able to think for themselves and must always be alert to danger. But in a friendly home environment, do these dogs react the same way as when they are working?

Many dogs, no matter what their size or breed or mix, are wary of strangers, either fearful or distrustful. Even researchers who are very careful not to show any emotions may give off cues that they are not aware of. I do believe that some dogs have a natural ability to sense someone’s intentions and act accordingly.

Take heart if your dog is the type that loves and welcomes everyone. A dog’s bark is usually enough of a deterrent to stop someone with bad intentions.

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