Birds and Carbohydrates

Bird Eating

When people hear the term blood sugar, the word sugar stands out making bird owners very nervous. Blood sugar does rise when eating, but that’s perfectly normal. Just like our bodies need carbohydrates and fats and some salt to survive, so do our birds.

Carbohydrates are made up of simple sugars, starches and crude fiber. Starches and simple sugars found in vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes provide the body with energy. Crude fiber while not digestible, provides bulk to move food through the digestive tract and for normal droppings. Carbs are the fuel providing nutrients to every part of the body for energy.

The debate continues as to whether carbs are good or bad for your bird. As long as your bird’s diet is well balanced and varied, your bird will be healthy. The secret, as with every thing, is moderation always.

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