Advice on Dog Training

There are many things to consider when deciding to train your dog. One method is using positive and negative reinforcement. Clicker training is usually done over several shorter sessions as opposed to one longer session, which might become tedious for your dog and cause him to lose interest. Choosing a training method depends on the temperament of your dog. Factors such as circumstances of her birth or her breed should be taken into account. It is also important that your dog and his trainer have a good rapport. This is something that should be addressed at the beginning of his training.

It is important to communicate with your dog. The command should be accompanied by the desired action. Keep sessions shorter. When training, don’t assume he understands your language. Be patient, but be persistent. Complacency might cause your dog to revert to the undesired behavior.

Have realistic expectations and use positive reinforcement. Reward him with praise and/or treats. Try to practice everyday by repeating the commands. Eventually, he will begin to associate the desired behavior with your verbal cue or command.

Some people choose to train their dogs themselves as it can strengthen the bond between you and her. Should you choose to hire a professional trainer, inquire with your vet or pet store for a reliable recommendation.

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