A Solution to Birds Flying into Windows

Bird Window

As the HSUS reminds us, in spring, millions of birds are migrating to their nesting places.

Amazingly birds can navigate long distances, many miles, without mishap. While they can tolerate most anything in nature, man-made structures become deadly to them.

Plate glass windows are the biggest danger because birds mistake the transparent glass for open space. Millions of bird die colliding with these windows, flying into them at full speed.

The HSUS has tested a number of ways to eliminate this tragedy. Finally their building maintenance team came up with a solution. They have installed special screens for windows at their headquarters. The HSUS informs us that the screens eliminate almost all the reflectivity of the glass they cover so that the birds see the windows as opaque barriers. The screens are easily removed for cleaning, are replaceable and help regulate building temperatures.

We hope more structures in the path of birds will adopt the use of these screens.

A Huge Thank You to the HSUS!

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