Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Eliminates Dog’s Limp

As you all know I am the Chief Canine Officer for my dad’s company, Flexcin International, in the FlexPet division. We love to hear from our canine customers about how well FlexPet is working for them. Of course the feedback tends to come from their humans, but we think it’s important to share their stories as they come in. We recently received this glowing review from Fenster’s human, Ray.

“Fenster has benefitted greatly from these supplements. He had an issue with one of his rear legs, which made it difficult for him to sleep, to rise from a reclining position, and he typically ran with three legs, with a noticeable limp. After several weeks of the FlexPet, he now sleeps peacefully, against me, runs and walks with no limp, and has quit licking the leg.

One of his most notable tricks was to sit, when we asked him to “park his can.” But before FlexPet, his knee was so sore that he would decline a visible treat, and express his disapproval for the request with a muted “woof.” When we asked him to do ANYTHING else, he would instantly comply, and wag his tail when he got his treat. As he improved, he would squat, which, as we understood his discomfort, was good enough for us. But after about six weeks with the FlexPet, his “can” would hit the floor, almost in anticipation of the request, and he now “parks his can” as willingly as he does his other tricks. He now no longer has a limp, and no longer hesitates when someone rings the doorbell. He also greets us at the end of the day, at a dead run, with a huge smile on his face now. He is the only dog I have ever owned capable of smiling when he sees us.”

We are happy to hear that Fenster has had such a life changing experience with FlexPet and hope he continues to brighten his humans’ days with his addictive smile! Thanks for sharing your story with us Ray.

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