Write Detailed Instructions for the Dog Sitter

Pet Sitter

Dog sitting has become a common feature in so many households. When you decide to hire a dog sitter, the more information you give them about your dog’s routine the better for your dog it will be. If you have more than one dog, then it is important for you to have a good idea on what these facts are all about. In this article you will find some helpful ideas that you can make use of to give the right instructions for the sitter when you are hiring them.

The Set of Instructions to Give Include the Following:

1. It is important to give the dog sitter a good idea as to your pet’s food habits, exercise routine and where the right supplies for them are kept. This is the right time to mention your dog’s favorite treats and anything which your pet may be allergic to.

2. Medication is an important part of your pet’s health. Write down medication information and give the correct dosage, frequency of the dosage and how it is usually given.

3. For an emergency situation, it is important to give your number where you can be reached any time of the day or night. You should also give the name and number of the vet that you take your dog to. It is good to discuss information regarding a 24-hour vet also in case the original doctor can’t be reached.

4. If your pet is scared of loud noises such as fireworks or if your pet hates cars, then you might want to tell the dog sitter about this type of issue, just so that they can be prepared with your dog in case a situation arises.

5. Let the pet sitter know what your pet’s daily routine is. For example, if you give your pet a bath every Saturday and you take him or her to the park on the same evening, you might want to mention this as it is best to stick to the original routine.

Pet sitters know that your pets really are a big part of your family and while some of the routines or things you do with your dog might seem a bit different to others, the dog sitter will still be able to accommodate.

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