Why and how often should your dog bath?

dog bath

Dogs should be bathed as rarely as possible and as often as necessary. The dog is naturally equipped so that he does not need a bath. His coat protects him optimally against environmental influences. Multi-layered fur with undercoat and top coat are dirt-repellent due to a grease film and dissipate moisture. The dog’s skin also has a protective fat or talc layer.

Puppies should not be bathed at all, because their coat and skin protection layer is not yet properly built, it dries very quickly and begins to dandruff. So fungal infections and parasites have an easy time.

So you bathe your dog properly
Many dogs do not like to bath, and a slippery bathtub, too hot or too cold water and a hard shower jet can spoil your four-legged friends the pleasure of swimming

Dog bath in winter? Only in exceptions!
In the cold season, dog baths are not viagra and dapoxetine recommended especially for short-haired dog breeds. The coat dries slowly, and the protective layer of fat needs time to regenerate. Dog breeds with only top hairs such as poodles or short hair breeds with little top hair such as whippets have very sensitive skin, which in winter enough has to contend with bad weather.

If the accident happens and your four-legged friend has fallen into the mud in the winter, it is better to dry it with absorbent dog towels. Then remove the dirt with a comb, brush and if necessary with much patience.

However, long-haired dog breeds must be bathed from time to time even in winter to remove fine micro-sand from the fur and to prevent tangles. Bathe your dog but only in the evening. So he has time all night to dry his coat.

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