What a Dog’s Bark Means

Dog Barking

Other people and dogs too gather meaning from the tone of our voice when communicating. Dogs have a range of vocalization when attempting to us and other dogs what they are “saying.”

Most of us can understand our dogs when they bark by the volume, pitch and length of sound.

A growling dog uses a low pitch to indicate s/he is angry and/or frightened to warn us to stay away.

Whining or whimpering can mean fear, pain or the the dog means no harm.

When a dog is excited, s/he will bark continuously. Excited, rapid barking usually means that there is something that requires immediate attention.

A dog will whimper or scream with an almost human sound when badly injured and in great pain.

Playful dogs usually give short barks in a medium pitch to let you know they want you to join them in a game or that they are having a good time.

When a dog is suddenly surprised or startled, a short higher-pitched bark can be heard,

You can learn what your dog is trying to communicate by paying attention to the tones your dog uses under different circumstances. It’s important to be aware of what your dog is saying so that you know when something needs your attention.

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