TV Pets


Many TV shows feature pets as part of the cast. How many of these TV pets do you recognize?

  • Eddie from Frasier – A Jack Russell Terrier named Moose played Eddie on Frasier for 10 years. In order to get him to lick his co-stars’ faces, they had to dab them with liver pate.
  • The Duck and the Chick from Friends – Joey and Chandler raised a duck and a chick in their apartment who were always getting into trouble.
  • Murray from Mad About You – The dog who played Murray was a Collie mix who was rescued from a shelter. His real name was Maui. His character was always chasing an invisible mouse and bumping into things.
  • Chester from Nanny – Fran Drescher adopted the cute red Pomeranian from a pet store and got him a part on the show. He was with Drescher for 18 years until she had to put him to sleep due to old age.
  • Vincent from Lost – The character of Vincent is a Golden Retriever that has been to hell and back. He survived a plane crash, his owner Walt was kidnapped by The Others and then left him for civilization without a backward glance. His character doesn’t do much but he always manages to appear when anything important is about to happen.
  • Lassie from Lassie – Lassie was both a series of movies and a number of TV shows. Various Collie dogs played the part of Lassie in these productions.
  • Happy from Seventh Heaven – Happy is lost and adopted by the family in the first episode. Although the original owners eventually appear, they end up leaving Happy with the Camden family.

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