Too Many Birds?

Green Birds

We all love birds. They sing sweetly (most of them), they are beautiful to look at and give us lots of pleasure watching their antics. But just as there are dog and cat hoarders there are bird hoarders. In the lingo of bird people, it’s known as MBS or multiple bird syndrome.

A person with MBS starts with one bird and enjoys this one so much, h/she decides to get another…and then another and another and so on. It sounds funny but it can be a problem. Before sharing your life with any pet, there are several things to consider. Are you financially able to take care of the bird – shelter, food, veterinary care, toys? Do you have enough room to house one or more birds? Do you have the time to give the birds the attention and interaction they need? Some birds can be pretty noisy. Get a bunch of them and you can’t hear yourself think. Are you giving your birds the best life possible?

If you want to be surrounded by birds, consider volunteering at a bird sanctuary or a zoo on a regular basis. This gives you a chance to interact with many birds in a situation where they can be well taken care of and you can have the pleasure of being with them.

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