Teacup Designer Cats

Kim Kardashian of a TV Reality show was seen with her newest purchase – a teacup Persian cat.

Some breeding cats carry a gene that makes them smaller than normal size. After several years of breeding, the teacup cat is so small, full-grown, it weighs half of what the standard for the breed does. It reaches just about the size of of a 5 month old kitten.

Teacup kitten mills are springing up with the same poor conditions as puppy mill dogs. These cats, due to so much inbreeding, have many health issues. Some of these unscrupulous breeders go to great lengths such as starving kittens to keep them small. As if encouraging this horrendous business, a whole industry has been born with equipment for these poor cats with no regard to their well-being.

There are responsible breeders who do care for their cats and try to improve breeds. Shouldn’t all breeders, instead of thinking only of the money they can make, look for ways to improve the health and care of cats?

The cat associations that set the standards for purebreds sometimes create serious health problems for these beautiful creatures, all in the name of achieving a certain look. Perhaps they need to examine their own motives.

What other pets will be subjected to what can only be called cruel and inhumane treatment, all to make money without thought of how animals are affected. Please share your thoughts about this.

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