Strollers for Pets

right Pet Stroller

Strollers can be a convenient way to take your pet outdoors. They are very useful if your pet is handicapped, has arthritis, is a senior citizen, is a cat, has had recent surgery. Small pets often tire easily when walking long distances and carrying your pet is not always comfortable. The type of stroller depends on what it will be used for – walking, traveling, jogging. There are many styles and colors to choose from that will fit your needs. Here is a list of what to look for in a stroller to suit your pet and you.

Strollers come with 2, 3 or 4 wheels.

Most have safety brakes.

Some will hold up to 60 lbs., but the majority are for smaller pets.

Strollers usually open and close quickly, are lightweight and are easily stored.

Most strollers are equipped with items that are very useful such as wind and rain covers, mesh covers, sun shades, storage trays, snack trays, reflective bands for night, removable carriers, easy entry both front and back, safety belts.

They are easy to clean and have removable, washable parts.

Depending on where you go walking, there are strollers that are all terrain, will take steps, city sidewalks, grass, sand and gravel without a struggle.

Another advantage is that many malls and other places will allow pets as long as they are confined to a stroller.

Pets may be a bit apprehensive at first about riding in a stroller. But once they realize it’s like riding in a car and they can observe everything happening around them, pets are quite happy and enjoy the ride. But please don’t forget that all pets, no matter what their size, need exercise.

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