Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: short, smooth, lustrous, close to body
Color: seal point, blue point, white paws
Temperament: needs to be with people, loving,
should be kept indoors, playful

The Snowshoe is December’s Cat of the Month

The Snowshoe got its name because of its 4 white paws. This cat is a lover of people and follow you everywhere.

Where does the Snowshoe come from?

The Snowshoe is a man-made breed that began as a mutation when two Siamese were crossed. The Resulting litter had three females with white feet. Breeding continued with American Shorthairs. The first generation was bred again to Siamese producing some bi-colored kittens with white feet. These kittens were bred Snowshoe to Snowshoe and in that way the breed came to be.

What does the Snowshoe look like?

The snowshoe is a medium size, long and muscular. The head is triangular with almond shaped eyes. Eye color is blue. Ears are large and pointed. The smooth, lustrous coat is short, lying close to the body. Colors are seal point and blue point with darker markings on legs, tail, face and ears. And of course the oval paws are white.

Does the Snowshoe make a good pet?

The Snowshoe is a people-oriented cat and does not like being left alone. It will follow family members around the house in its need for companionship. While it is an active cat it is best kept indoors. Its voice is soft, a reflection of its loving personality.

Where can I adopt a Snowshoe?

The Snowshoe is still a relatively rare breed, but there are rescue organizations where you might find them.

Possible Health Issues

No known health problems but may share some with the Siamese.

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