Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: long, silky
Color: seal, chocolate, blue & lilac points
Temperament: affectionate, curious, love attention, talkative

March’s Cat of the Month

These beautiful silken-haired cats are very playful and bond with their human for life.

Where do Balinese come from?

The Balinese was born in the mid-50s, in the United States. Long hair kittens were being born in pure breed Siamese litters. It is suspected that in introducing different point colors into the Siamese breed, they may have also contributed to the passing of the recessive long hair gene as well.

What do Balinese look like?

The Balinese cat looks like a Siamese cat with long fur. Added to the grace and intelligence of Siamese, the Balinese coat is silky and lies close to the body.. They have a long, lithe body. They have a long, wedge shaped head and their ears are large and continue the wedge. They have almond shaped blue eyes. The coat is single. In addition to Siamese colors, when Javanese and Balinese were merged as one breed, tabby and tortie points along with other colors were added.

Do Balinese make good pets

Balinese are very social animals and make wonderful pets. They behave like circus clowns. They are very playful and love human attention. They rarely scratch but will growl and hiss if something annoys them. Although they too love to talk, some say that they are not quite as vocal as their Siamese brothers.

Where can I adopt a Balinese?

The Purebred Cat Breed Rescue is an excellent place to start you search for a Balinese in search of a new home.

Possible Health Issues

Hereditary liver amyloidosis, progressive retinal atrophy, strabimus (causes cross-eyes)

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