Safe Havens Mapping Project

Safe Havens Mapping Project

Professionals in domestic violence abuse prevention have found that many victims are reluctant to leave their dangerous situation because of close attachment to their pets. Usually, in domestic violence situations, pets are abused as well.

Recognizing the need to help not only human victims but their pets as well, to escape from these situations, the Animal Welfare Institute created a Safe Haven for Pets program.

The havens can be foster homes, space in local humane societies or veterinarians or shelters that allow animals to remain with their humans.

The AWI, through their Safe Haven Mapping Project, continues working to let communities know of the project and identify the havens.

At present, the havens can be found throughout all 50 United States and the District of Columbia. The information is on the AWI website where safe havens are identified by zip code. AWI will continue working to update information on the site.

Other available resources such as humane societies, law enforcement and any others providing services to victims of abuses, human and animal, can be found on the AWI webpage.

Since its founding in 1951, the Animal Welfare Institute aim has been to alleviate animal suffering at the hands of humans.

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