Vital Statistics:
Place of Origin: United States
Coat Type: medium long, dense, soft
Color: all cat colors & patterns
Temperament: very gentle, affectionate,
playful, good with children

Where does the Ragamuffin come from?

The Ragamuffin as it is today is a fairly new breed. It all started in the 1960s when a cat breeder purchased kittens from a neighbor. The kittens were unusually docile and Ann Baker believed these were special cats and set out to create a new breed. Another group of breeders in 1994 decided to rename their group of the same cats, Ragamuffins. Bred with other long-haired cats, the Ragamuffin became a clear-cut breed.

What does the Ragamuffin look like?

The Ragamuffin is a large cat, muscular and heavy. They have broad chests and strong shoulders. Eyes are large and roundish. The coat is dense and silky with a neck ruff and feathering on the hind legs. Colors are all cat colors and patterns. The coat doesn’t require lots of care as it seldom snarls

Does the Ragamuffin make a good pet?

The Ragamuffin is a gentle, agreeable cat. It loves to be held and often are so relaxed it goes limp. This is a very affectionate cat and likes to play. It loves being close to its famiily and is especially good with children. The Ragamuffin is best kept indoors for its own safekeeping. 

Where can I adopt a Ragamuffin?

There are a number of purebred rescue organizations online.  Try rafamuffinrescueme.org and purebredcatbreedrescue.org/ragamuffin.

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