Purse Pets

Purse Dog

Small dogs have always been popular, especially with royalty and other celebrities. They are the most pampered of pets. Small dogs are often seen being carried in special purses or slings, dressed for whatever the occasion warrants. But is all this pampering good for them and is it really what these purse-size pets enjoy?

First and foremost, no matter what size, from a Great Dane to a chihuahua, a dog wants to be a dog and do dog things. Small dogs enjoy a walk, playtime, everything their larger kin does. Constantly carrying them around is detrimental to their health. A dog that isn’t allowed to walk and run around a bit can develop serious joint and other health problems. Aggression and other anti-social behaviors can crop up in dogs that are over-protected.

Exercise is as natural as eating to a dog regardless of size. Some small breeds may tire more easily and just need less activity time.

While celebrities like Paris Hilton lead us to think it’s so chic to carry a dog in a purse, please let your pint-size furpal out of that purse and captivity – let him/her enjoy doghood.

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