Pet Insurance Plans Breed Complaints

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Have you ever shopped for pet insurance plans? If so you know how frustrating it can be. What’s worse, though, is that many pet insurance plans can offer confusing coverage and pre-existing conditions qualifications that seem unfair. For any pet lover, pet insurance plans can be a nightmare.

It’s a growing problem because there are more people calling into question the benefits of pet insurance plans. Actually, it’s not just people who are calling pet insurance plans into question. Consumer Reports magazine conducted a recent analysis and found that pet insurance plans may not be the right call for some people and their pets. The bottom line is, for those who never go through a catastrophic or emergency situation with their pets, insurance may end up costing a heck of a lot of money over the lifespan of a pet’s life. Consumer Reports says this number can be in the $5,000 range over the course of your pet’s life.

FlexPet knows firsthand the frustrations people are going through with their pet insurance plans and pet insurance coverage. The pet arthritis supplement maker has fielded more calls from people this year who are frustrated with their coverage and seeking alternative ways to maintain their pet’s health. Pets that have to go through painful and expensive joint replacement surgeries, for example, may have insurance complications or pre-existing conditions that reduce the amount of coverage available for the procedure. Simply put, people are fed up and turning to dietary pet supplements like FlexPet to focus on maintenance and pet health rather than wait until the medical problem gets bad enough to warrant a procedure like pet joint replacement or heavy doses of prescribed pain medication (which can also come with unwanted side effects).

The problem is even worse in California. The state is currently the fifth most popular region for FlexPet demand, which is sure to rise even further now that Governor Schwarzenegger killed a bill that would provide better disclosure of pet insurance plans and pet insurance benefits.

“I’ve had pet insurance in the past and I’m no longer convinced that it’s the right decision for me and my pet,” said Shelly Johnson, a New Jersey resident. “I’ve loved pets my whole life and care for them dearly, but in my opinion it’s equally as wise to focus on pet health maintenance so that we don’t need to worry about the daily frustrations of pet insurance plans, coverage and costs.”

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