NY Bill to Prohibit of Devocalization of Cats and Dogs

Dog Barking

New York State has filed Assembly Bill 3431 and Senate Bill S6167 to prohibit devocalization of dogs and cats.

There is opposition to these bills from lobbies that profit from devocalization. They are trying to kill the bills through loopholes. One amendment would allow some people to have their dogs and cats devocalized.

Devocalization is cruel and inhumane. It allows a pet to be put through a dangerous and unnecessary surgery.

You can help by calling your legislators:

Senator Lee Zeldin sponsor of State Bill 6167 – 518-455-3570

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski sponsor of Assembly Bill 3431B – 518-455-5735

Be polite but firm in your opposition to any further amendments. Let them know that animal lovers in your district are in opposition to the amendments. Remind them that you are a voter.

As Friends of Animals puts it so succinctly, “It’s hard to imagine someone could be inhumane enough to have an animal’s voice sugically stifled or that a vet would perform it. But they do.”

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