New Zealand Rabbits

New Zealand Rabbits are Commercial Body Types with many bred for meat.

New Zealands are large, weighing 9-12 lbs. full grown. The females (does) are heavier than the males (bucks). Their bodies are round and large with large heads. Does have longer faces than bucks. Ears are about 6 inches long.

In spite of their name, New Zealands are an American breed.

Coat colors are black, white and red. White New Zealands are used in scientific research. They are more nervous and do not make good pets. The reds and blacks are gentle and loving and will be good pets for children. They love to be handled and will flop like rag dolls in whatever position you put them in. They can grow fairly large and will need a large enough enclosure so they can move around. Without regular exercise they can easily become overweight. Treats should be kept to a minimum to avoid obesity.

The average life span of a breeding New Zealand rabbit is five to six years. By spaying or neutering early in life, you can increase their life expectancy to around 10 years.


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