New Device to Track Pet Health

According to PetPace, they have developed and manufactured a cordless pet collar for dogs and cats that can detect medical and behavioral symptoms before they become visible.

The collar’s sensors continuously monitor the pet’s temperature, pulse, respiration, heart rate, activity, calorie intake, pain and more. The information is transmitted to a small antenna connected to a wireless receiver in the owner’s home.

There is a model collar for use by veterinarians, allowing them to monitor several pets at the same time.

The cost of the collar is $150 plus a monthly $15 service charge. Owners can log into a website to retrieve information on their pet’s health. The veterinary collar is more expensive.

Veterinarians can register owners to connect to an online database through their professional model.

Sounds like a good product that allows owners to keep up to date on their pet’s health. However if you have multiple pets it can be quite costly.

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