Medicating Multiple Dogs

Many of us share our lives with more than one dog. There may come a time when each dog is required to take some sort of medication, different ones, different doses.

One of the problems you may come up against is a dog who spits out the medication. Dogs don’t really care what has been dropped on the floor. They will dash to either gobble it up or at least sniff it. And even if it tastes bad, they’ll want whatever you’re giving out. Besides, dogs don’t have nearly as many taste buds as we do.

I’ve even accidentally dropped my meds and had to search out a tiny pill before the dogs got to it. I’ve since learned to be a lot more careful and how to avoid medicating the dogs at the same time.

If you have a baby gate, use it to separate the dogs. If you don’t have a gate available, put the other dog(s) in a separate room and close the door.

If you have a spitter, don’t leave the medicated dog until you’re sure the pill has gone down with no chance of it making an appearance again.

With all that said, accidents do happen, so be prepared. If one dog has gulped another dog’s meds, immediately call your veterinarian or emergency service or animal poison control. Keep their numbers in a place that’s quickly accessible.

Forcing your dog to vomit is not always advisable. There are medications that can cause more harm coming back up. That’s another reason why it’s so important to call the professionals.

We welcome any other ideas you may have about how to prevent these accidents.

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