Inviting Your Dog to the Wedding

Bride with Dog

Your dog is probably a big part of your life and if you would like him/her to take part in your wedding, there are ways to have your pal take part.

But before you include your best 4-legged pal in the party, does s/he have the temperament to take part where there will be a crowd of people, some strangers and lots of noise. Are any of the guests allergic to dogs or very fearful of them? Ask the proprietors of the premises if your dog is allowed to participate or even be there. Do you have someone willing to take care of the dog and whatever you have planned?

If all problems are solved and your dog can join the festivities, you may want to dress your pal for the occasion. Wedding attire is available for dogs or you can dress him/her up yourself. When choosing flowers for your wedding, please keep in mind that some can be poisonous to dogs.

If your dog can’t join you in person, why not hook up a digital picture frame with photos of you, your intended and your dog. Your guests will know that your dog is a very important part of your life. If you’re really determined, but the pup has to stay at home, you can set up a webcam operation. Or have a table with lots of photos of your pal.

If you have any other ideas about including your dog in the wedding, we would love to hear from you.

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