Home Safety for Your Cat

Cat in the Blinds

We’ve touched on pet safety in your home, but our curious cats need additional consideration. Because they can climb in places unreachable by dogs and will play with anything that moves, we must be extra alert.

Electrical cords and outlets should be covered. Where this is not feasible, perhaps coating the cords with something that is distasteful to your cat will help.

If you have lit candles, keep a sharp eye that kitties don’t accidently knock them over in their travels. Don’t leave them unattended. One of my cats once brushed up against a lit candle and fortunately only singed his fur. Taught us both a lesson.

Don’t leave loops on curtain or window blind cords. Cut them so that if your cat does play with them, he won’t get tangled. Keep all types of string and yarn away from your cat.

If your cat will chew on just about anything, don’t leave potpourri around. It can contain toxic substances.

Do you have a reclining chair? Make sure your cat isn’t hiding underneath when you want to use it.

Try to avoid using oven cleaners. They are toxic to all pets and can particularly affect birds. Inhaling the fumes isn’t too good for us either. And please be careful about spraying air fresheners and using insecticides. Cats and birds can be particularly sensitive to them.

Playing with plastic bags is another no-no (for anyone).

Cats can fall asleep in odd places, like washers and dryers. Remember to keep those doors closed, but just in case, check inside before using.

Other places cats like to hide in are cabinets, closets and drawers. Try to remember to keep them closed. Check first to make sure your cat isn’t inside.

Garages are dangerous places for any pet, but especially cats. They love to hide under the hood of a car in cold weather. And there could be toxins lurking about like anti-freeze on the floor of the garage. Keep kitty out of the garage, but to be on the safe side, check under the hood of your car before starting it. Also be aware of the dangers of automatic garage doors. Kitty can be sitting under the doors so always check.

Any small toys, office supplies, sewing and craft supplies can prove deadly to your cat if swallowed. They should be put away where your cat can’t reach them after use. It’s a good idea to keep an eye even while using these objects.

Keep garbage cans securely covered and where your cat (your dog too) can’t reach them.

If you can think of any other safety measures, please add them.

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