German Wirehaired Pointer

What is the origin of the German Wirehaired Pointer?

This breed was developed in the 19th century in Germany as a hunter and gun dog. Its ancestry includes the Griffon, Deutscher Drahthaar, Deutscher Stichelhaar, Deutscher Kurzhaar, and Pudelpointer.

What does the German Wirehaired Pointer look like?

The Wirehair is a medium to large size dog weighing 60-70 lbs. Height for males is 24-26 inches, for females, 22-24 inches. The muzzle is long ending in a brown nose. Oval eyes are brown. Ears are rounded and hanging close to the head and are liver colored. Tail is docked where this practice is still legal. The distinctive beard and longer hair on forehead and whiskers protect the face. The coat is rough and wiry with a dense winter undercoat that thins in summer. The outer coat is about 2 inches long and is water-repellent and weather-resistant. Colors are liver and white and can be spotted or ticked. The head is liver color and can have a white blaze. The coat should be brushed twice weekly and stripped during seasonal changes.

What is the temperament of the German Wirehaired Pointer?

The Wirehair is even-tempered, intelligent, energetic, strong-willed and an independent thinker. Patience and being consistent are the keys to training the Wirehair as they can be stubborn. Never use harsh punishment, it’s cruel and it doesn’t work. The Wirehair can be aloof with strangers. Due to their strong hunting instincts they may be aggressive with other animals including strange dogs, especially those of the same sex. Their beards can catch food and soak up water, so be prepared with broom and mop. Young Wirehairs can be very rough playing with small children, so they are not recommended pets as pups. They do not like to be left on their own and need companionship or they will become destructive. This is a high energy, athletic breed that requires vigorous exercise, long walks and runs. They are definitely not “couch potatoes” and need an equally athletic family.

What are the uses of the German Wirehaired Pointer?

The Wirehair is an excellent hunter in all conditions and able to point, track and retrieve on land or water. They do well in field trials and hunting tests. The Wirehair is a very good watchdog and a loyal family companion.

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