FDA Approved Treatment for ACD in Ferrets


The FDA has indexed deslorelin acetate for treatment of adrenal gland disease in ferrets. Indexing means that now veterinarians only have to write a prescription to obtain the deslorelin acetate (Suprelorin F – brand name). Previously vets had to go through a complicated procedure to obtain the drug.

Suprelorin F is manufactured in Australia and had to be imported to the U.S. The Vibrac Corporation will be able to supply the drug by the 3rd quarter of 2012. Vibrac bought Peptech Animal Health of Australia who developed the product.

Suprelorin F is administered through a slow-release 4.7 mg. subcutaneous (under the skin, tissues between skin and muscle) implant in ferrets with adrenocortical disease.

The findings of the FDA testing results are “the Suprelorin F implant appears to be a safe treatment option as side effects are generally mild and self-limiting in nature (implant site swelling and lethargy).”

The FDA will continue monitoring results of using Suprelorin F until it gives final approval.

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