The Faverolles breed was developed in the 1860s in France. It was named after a French village and the singular form also includes the “s.” The breed was originally meant for both eggs and meat but is more commonly used as an exhibition chicken today. The most commonly available variety is the Salmon Faverolles.

Faverolles are a gentle breed and therefore popular as pets, especially for families with children. These chickens are good layers of eggs, so they are popular in small home flocks. Caring for a faverolles is pretty easy. They are hardy birds and excellent for a beginner. They don’t need grooming, but their feet and feathers should be kept clean of mud. They should be fed a mixture of layer crumble and coarse mash, including grains, calcium and vitamins, along with grass, clean water and kitchen scraps. Faverolles can be trained to deposit their leavings in one place.

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