Eye Care for Dogs

Dog Eyes

Dogs can get eye infections which are caused by bacteria. Scratches to the cornea are also a common problem. They are caused by the eyes coming into contact with long hairs.

To protect your dog’s eyes, carefully trim any excess hair around the eyes with a blunt-edge scissor. You can use a sterile eyewash made for veterinary use to keep eyes mucus-free. Before bathing your dog apply an opthalmic ointment made to protect your dog’s eyes. Some dogs are prone to tear-staining. There are products that will remove tear stains. If you detect any redness or yellowish discharge from the eye, consult your vet. Before using any product for your dog’s eyes, check with your vet.

Aside from the other dangers of letting your dog hang his head out the window while you drive, small particles can enter his eyes and cause severe injury. Fights with other dogs and exposure to irritating substances are also unhealthy for your dog’s eyes.

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