Do Dogs Ever Stop Eating

Dog Food

There are many stories of dogs getting into and finishing off huge bags of kibble in one sitting. Actually, if it smells good to them, most dogs will eat anything that isn’t nailed down…and then they’ll chew on that. If the trash is within reach, a dog will dive into it like it’s the finest caviar.

The name given to overeating in dogs is gluttony bloat. Overeating can pose a danger to your dog. It can lead to stomach torsion, bloat (Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus-GDV) which is a life-threatening condition. When a dog overeats, there is a high risk of the stomach twisting (GDV), an emergency situation that requires immediate veterinary care.

If your dog is restless, paces constantly, has difficulty breathing, abdominal pain and distention, drools, vomits, take him/her immediately to the vet.

Treatment depends on diagnosis and severity of the situation and whether it’s gluttony bloat or GDV. Sometimes inducing vomiting or pumping the stomach to get rid of the food relieves the problem. If the condition is more serious, surgery may be indicated.

In most cases these situations can be avoided with simple measures.

  • Avoid free-feeding your dog. Instead place measured amounts in the dog’s dish twice daily at specific feeding times. This will help overcome obesity in your dog as well.
  • Keep that bag of kibble well sealed and in a place the dog can’t reach.
  • Don’t allow your dog access to the trash.
  • If your dog is a counter surfer, keep counters clear of food when you are not there to supervise.

Preventing your dog from overeating can save his/her life.

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