English Lop Rabbit

Lop Rabbit

Developed in England in the 19th century, the English Lop is thought to be the first lop rabbit bred by man. It is also one of the oldest domestic breeds of rabbit. It is a member of the Smei-Arch Body Type.

English Lops weigh about 11 lbs. full-grown. Life span is 5 years and more. English Lops have the longest ears of any rabbit. The ears sit low on the head, hanging loose and close to the body. Cheeks are full and taper slightly to a wide muzzle. Coat colors are black, golden, fawn or sooty fawn, some with markings.

English Lops are fairly inactive and don’t require lots of exercise. The cage should be large enough to accommodate the rabbit’s movements taking into consideration its long ears. It may have difficulty climbing due to the length of its ears.

English Lops are generally calm, but if handled incorrectly, they can become fearful.


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