Dutch Rabbits

Dutch Rabbit

Dutch Rabbits are another Compact Body Type breed. The weigh about 5 1/2-6 lbs. as adults. The head is round. Ears are 4-5 inches long. Their round bodies are longer than the Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Coat colors are white with black, chocolate, gray, blue or tortoise.

Dutch Rabbits originated about 1850 in Holland where they are known as Hollander Rabbits. Their lifespan is about 5-8 years. They can live longer if spayed or neutered.

Dutch Rabbits were developed in England and are popular both as pets and as a show breed. They are great children’s pets. However children younger than 10 years old should have adult supervision. They are easy to care for and are calm and sweet. They do need a lot of attention or they will become bored easily. They are intelligent and easily trained. They are social animals and can be kept in pairs. The best combination is two females.

These rabbits should have a hutch 4 ft x 18ins x 18ins, and should be allowed to run on the grass on a regular basis. They can be kept outdoors all year round if they have sufficient bedding. It is important that they have regular exercise.


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