Dogs and Ancient Burials

As pet parents, we mourn the loss of our pets as we consider them part of the family. When a beloved dog dies, many of us choose to bury him/her in a special place, perhaps with some of the articles s/he loved.

But we in modern times, are not the only ones to share these feelings. Research has shown that ancient peoples buried their dogs too. In many of these cultures, when people died, it was the custom to kill their dog in order that they may accompany each other to the next world.

Through the use of modern technology, researchers finding prehistoric bones, were able to find that not all dogs were victims of sacrifice – they were indeed loved by their humans.

In 2006 in Peru, several miles from the capital Lima, archaeologists found the mummified remains of 43 dogs buried about 1,000 years ago in plots next to their owners. In the dogs’ sites were materials that looked like toys, food and blankets, leading to the belief that these dogs were considered family members and were much loved and respected.

Ancient dog burial sites have been discovered all over the world, some as old as more than 20,000 years ago.

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