Description of color terms – Dogs

Belton – colored and white hairs intermingled

Black and Tan – Body is black with tan on cheeks, eyebrows, lower legs and feet

Blue – Gray

Brindle – Dark hair overlaid on lighter hair

Grizzle – Gray or black hair intermingled with white hair or a pattern with a dark body, lighter legs, chest and face

Harlequin – Specifically the Great Dane’s spotted colors

Hound colored – Black, tan and white with a black saddle

Liver – Brown

Merle (also called Dapple) – Dark patches on a lighter background shade of the same color

Particolored – White spotted with darker colors

Piebald – Black patches on a white background

Roan – Intermingled white and dark hairs

Sable – Black-tipped hairs with a lighter color undercoat

Saddle – A dark patch over the back

Spectacles – Dark markings around the eyes

Tan pointed – Tan on feet, lower legs, cheeks and eyebrows

Ticking – small flecks of color on a white background

Wheaten – A pale yellow color

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