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Does Your Dog Sneeze Excessively

Dogs are really not known as “sneezers.” They more frequently cough when an upper respiratory problem is present. Allergies are usually associated with itching and scratching body parts. But there are times when your dogs may sneeze more than normally accepted, then it’s time to look for the reason. A foreign body may be stuck […]

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Leaky Gut/Dysbiosis in Pets

Leaky Gut and Dysbiosis are often referred to as the same disorder, but they are slightly different. The small intestine contains Villi which are finger-like projections that absorb substances and transport them to the bloodstream. Leaky gut occurs when the villi are exposed to prolonged damage resulting in malnutrition due to the lack of absorption […]

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Narcoplexy and Cataplexy in Dogs and Cats

Narcoplexy and cataplexy are similar conditions, both are disorders of the nervous system. Narcoplexy episodes include excessive daytime sleeping, lack of energy, loss of consciousness. With cataplexy, there is no loss of consciousness but a sudden muscle paralysis. The pet is still alert and will follow any movement with the eyes. Both are spontaneous and […]

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Long-Term Effects of Fear in Dogs

Fear, anxiety, these are emotions we’ve all experienced. Our dogs may also feel fear at some time in their lives – fear of objects, places, people, other animals. Most of the time the fear is short-lived and soon forgotten. But some fears, especially those due to traumatic experiences, are triggered each time the dog experiences […]

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“Hairy Teeth” in Dogs

When you look inside your dog’s mouth, are you surprised by seeing hair sticking out of some teeth? The condition is called subgingival hair. “Hairy teeth” are usually seen in dogs who have short, coarse coats such as Labrador Retrievers, Beagles and Bulldogs. The hairs are mainly found sticking up from gums at the canines, […]

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Are Insects Safe for Pets to Eat

Scientists tell us that it won’t be long before we all are eating bugs, although only specific types. But our pets are not as discriminating as we are. Anything flying or crawling is fair game. For the most part bugs, such as grasshoppers, flies, earthworms, some spiders and others, offering small protein meal, will not […]

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Pets and Black Widow Spider Bites

Black Widow Spiders are notorious for their potent venom which is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake. Contrary to popular belief, not all species of Black Widow females consume their mates after mating. Male Black Widows are much smaller than the females and their venom is much less harmful. The Black Widow usually […]

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Should You Crush Pets’ Meds

We’ve all had experience with trying to get our pets to take their medication. Pets are often difficult to fool especially when it comes to swallowing something that isn’t very tasty. But before deciding to crush your pet’s pill, check with your vet. Some medications should not be crushed as they are supposed to be […]

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Excessive Panting in Senior Dogs

Have you noticed that your senior dog is panting more than usual lately? We know that as dogs age, they slow down. But this may not be the only reason your senior pants a lot more. As dogs grow older, their lungs become more dense, a normal part of the aging process. When this happens, […]