Should You Crush Pets’ Meds

We’ve all had experience with trying to get our pets to take their medication. Pets are often difficult to fool especially when it comes to swallowing something that isn’t very tasty.

But before deciding to crush your pet’s pill, check with your vet. Some medications should not be crushed as they are supposed to be absorbed further down the gastrointestinal tract. Crushing them can make the meds less palatable and less efficient in doing their job.

Disguising meds in food sometimes works. However most pills have a bitter taste when bitten into causing your dog or cat to become suspicious when offered a treat, even refusing their favorites.

There are pill “guns” that can help get the meds down quickly without much fuss. Or, using the vet method, place the pill far back in the throat, close the mouth and gently stroke the neck area until swallowed.

Another alternative is to have a compounding pharmacy make up the medications using a strong flavor that your pet enjoys such as chicken, beef or cheese. This method may cost a bit more, but it could fool your pet into happily taking his/her meds.

We would be glad to hear of any other suggestions you may have.

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